Postage stamps of the USSR. 1918-1991


Victoria Ugryumova

The main part of the text of the book is given in Russian.

Album «Postage stamps of the USSR. 1918-1991» is an absolutely unique publication, and contains more than 5500 images of Soviet postage stamps and blocks, divided into five-year plans. The reader will be able to study all the postage miniatures in detail, since the stamps themselves are shown on the pages of the book on an enlarged scale.

The book will be of interest to the widest circle of readers – not only collectors, but also everyone who is interested in history of Soviet Union. She will also attract the attention of designers and graphic artists as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and interesting ideas.

As a supplement, the book contains a review article in English devoted to the history of philately, the peculiarities of Soviet philately and a brief history of the USSR. It will help the English-speaking reader understand the context of the images on Soviet postage miniatures from different years.


Format 216×295 mm, hardcover, spine rounding, webbing, 600 dpi full color printing, premium quality matte coated paper, 564 pages.

Edition languages: Russian, English



The whole history of philately of the Soviet Union in the album Postage stamps of the USSR and the RSFSR. An excellent gift for historians, philatelists (collectors) and everyone who is interested in Russian and Soviet history.